Sponsored Vertigo

Raise 15K for your charity!

Are you looking for an exciting new sponsored activity to raise funds for your charity, with an incredible 233% ROI?

Look no further than Vertigo at Twinwoods Adventure, a 125ft freefall jump from the top of our wind tunnel. Suitable for anyone 5 years or older, it’s the perfect activity to get a wide range of people engaged with.

Participants raise a minimum of £125 in sponsorship money to take on Vertigo, the ultimate height-based challenge, and with 120 slots a day available, that’s a minimum of £15,000! After a thorough briefing, they’re taken to the top of the tower, before safely stepping off the exit platform, and into freefall.

The activity is completely safe, and we offer a full turn-key solution. We organise and handle everything!

Do something new to raise money for your charity. Do Vertigo.

Find out more:

01234 816 350