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Hybrid Working

Monthly Packages

Happy Teams Deliver More!

We asked our clients how they feel about the new hybrid working world and this is what they had to say:

66% of companies feel that teams aren’t connecting when so many work from home
49% of companies don’t know how to get everyone involved
71% of new staff members feel that they don’t belong
74% of companies don’t know what to do for their next team building event
59% of companies believe that social events are a thing of the past

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Some of our clients

Our Online solutions, such as Remote Escape Rooms, get your teams working together, identifying problems as a team, allocating responsibilities, and using time management to deliver the desired result.

Selectable remote modules

Building The Team

•Escape Room
•Murder Mystery
•Lego Serious Play
•Rapport Building Training
•New Team Member Integration Training
•Effective Communication In The Hybrid World Training

Building Me

•Sleep Coach
•Meditation Sessions
•Yoga Classes
•Nutrition Guidance
•Fitness Classes

Building Smiles

•Wine Tasting
•Gin Tasting
•Fine Dine-In

We have a whole range of remote activities from more business-focused training sessions, through wellbeing sessions – to good old-fashioned fun!

All our modules are interchangeable – mix and match – get the programme of activities that works best for you and your team, whether it is a one month, six months or a 12-month plan of activities. Talk to us – our solutions are built bespoke to your needs.

Happy Teams Deliver More!