We asked our clients to share with us their challenges in the current work climate.

They said:

66% – teams aren’t connecting when so many work from home

49% – they don’t know how to get everyone involved

71% – new staff members feel they don’t belong

74% – don’t know what to do for their next team building event

59% – social events are a thing of the past!

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Is your business ready to go from ‘surviving’ to ‘thriving’ in a remote-first world?

Our person-centered approach to work-from-home management delivers everything you need to take care of business. Engaged employees are good for business. We can nurture their physical and mental health with a range of well-being classes and activities. But why not go one step further? Watch them flourish with team-building activities that are so much fun, they will want to do them with their friends as well.

And for when business means business, we provide best-in-class cybersecurity and all the remote working tools and trimmings your teams need to stay connected on the go. Not to mention training, to keep your people at the top of their game. Make the most of every working day with our management tools, and you’re all set; you’ll never miss an opportunity again.

It’s a whole new (remote) world out there. Make the most of it.

The environment your employees work in sets the tone for their day. You can influence that! We can help you create the optimal physical environment with advice on the right desk set-up, lighting and posture as well as tips on making your home workspace somewhere that you really want to be.
We can also help you curate the right digital environment, with resources to help your team ensure they get the most out of their video conferencing, time management, inbox management and more.
  • Escape Room
  • Morse code
  • Dot Dash Boom
  • Murder mystery
  • Fine Dine-IN
  • Magician show
  • Tasting experiences

Team-building, networking and social events are important features of any thriving workplace. If your employees aren’t going to run into their new best friend at the water cooler or coffee machine, you’ll just have to help them do so online. And your newest employees might not be introduced to your favourite local restaurant on their first day, but there’s no reason for you not to share a meal with them virtually. Summer or Christmas parties for distributed teams, problem-solving games for new project teams, Fine Dine-in treats for your high-performers, a comedy show to celebrate the end of a busy period for your finance team… the possibilities are endless.

  • Tools
  • Training
  • Wellness

Manage your remote team’s meetings, projects, and deadlines more efficiently to get the most out of your virtual working day.

Our range of resources and online classes give your employees all the information and inspiration they need to create their own meal plan – or, they can just adapt one of our templates to suit their tastes.

Mitigate the health risks your teams face from sitting down all day with online fitness classes scheduled specifically for your business! These are live classes with hand-picked professional trainers, and suitable for all levels of fitness.
Morning or afternoon classes including XX, XX and XX are available, with tonnes of extra options on request. Just let us know when and how many, and we’ll sort you out with a link to share.
We also offer short videos, such as stretching routines to start off the day or break up the afternoon.


We provide everything from guided mindfulness sessions to classes and webinars about resilience, gratitude, overcoming anxiety and more. We’ve also got lots of resources about balancing mental wellness and productivity, such as advice on setting a routine, time management and avoiding distractions.

Do you have an optimum work from home plan?

The ultimate checklist to a successful work from home utopia.

We can make your employees' lives better by helping you customize your bespoke bundle

Once we’ve got a clear picture of what you need and you’re happy with the costs, well get a service-level agreement in place that sets out what we’ll deliver to you and your employees each month.

Take a look at an example of the type of bespoke, action-packed schedule we can organise for you.

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4