Escape Room – Dot Dash Boom

Dot Dash Boom

Take on our incredible new remote-live escape room, Dot Dash Boom, from wherever you are around the world.

Using a combination of live feeds, online clues, and your very own human avatar, you can escape our real-life room, without leaving the house!

Find the proof, get out the room, stop the boom

Our escape rooms are real-life escape rooms that your team play remotely from wherever they are in the world. There are no longer geographical barriers to playing an escape room and you can take part from literally anywhere!

Using video call technology such as Zoom, Hangouts or Teams, you guide a real human avatar around the room to find the clues, solve the puzzles, complete the missions and escape.

Like a bit of rivalry? We’ve got a leaderboard just for Morse Code. Can you escape in the quickest time and reach the top?

How does it work?

You play our real escape room by working together and controlling a real life avatar. Giving them commands, you control everything they do, and you see and hear everything they do via Zoom. We also have additional live feeds covering the room, as well as easy to access clues and scrollable 360 degree images.
Using Zoom allows you to play easily with friends and family anywhere in the world, without leaving your house!

You’ll need a computer for each household and a minimum internet connection speed of 2Mbps to play.

The story

It’s war-time in 1944 and we believe one of our own is working for the other side. We need you to get the proof so we can stop him. There’s a very important concert coming up, with Glenn Miller as the main act. All the military top brass will be there and we’re worried he might be planning something. You have a maximum of 60 minutes to achieve your mission and get out safely. Have you got what it takes?