Salt Cave – Family Cave

Salt Cave - Family Cave

Kids breathe easily with 100% natural Salt Therapy.
The most advanced Breeze Tronic Pro technology is only available at The Salt Cave clinics in the UK.

Salt Therapy for children – nothing artificial

Salt Therapy aka Halotherapy is a 100% natural, drug- free, powerful treatment in a controlled air medium that simulates the natural salt cave microclimate to treat respiratory and skin conditions. This is no health fad – from the ancient Greeks to modern-day doctors, medical experts have championed its amazing effects. Why not try The Salt Caves natural method of healing before starting your children on long-term medication, where the hormone content of many drugs can cause serious and dangerous side-effects?

Kids are more at risk

In many cases of poor health children are considered as if they were small adults. This is not appropriate. There are several reasons why young children may be more at risk of respiratory illnesses.

Childrens’ lungs, immune system and brain are immature at birth and continue to rapidly develop until approximately age 6, and the cell layer lining the inside of the respiratory tract is particularly permeable during this period. Compared to adults, children also have a larger lung surface area in relation to their body weight, and breathe 50% more air per kilogram of body weight. When a child is exercising at maximum levels, such as during a soccer game or other sports event, they may take in 20 percent to 50 percent more air – and more air pollution – than an adult in comparable activity.

Additionally, children tend to spend more time outdoors and are often outdoors during periods when air pollution is at its highest and they are closer to the ground where generally the air is even more polluted. The process of early growth and development is important for the health of the child, and therefore may also be a critical time when exposure to air pollution can have a lasting effect on future health. Why not help them avoid serious respiratory illnesses with the power of the best Salt Therapy? Don’t risk their health.

The Salt Cave – The best clinic you can find for your child

The Salt Cave is a chain of clinics providing the best and most effective Salt Therapy treatment with the most advanced medical device.

At our clinic, we pay special attention to children. Childrens’ and adults’ needs are very different during Salt Therapy. While adults prefer a quiet environment with soothing music to relax, read or sleep, children are happy to watch cartoons and play with toys. Thus we offer separate Salt Rooms for Children. Each Child’s Salt Room has a TV, plenty of toys and a travel cot. Children are free to play and do not even realise that they are having a treatment. At The Salt Cave supervision is always free; which means you can go into the Child’s Salt Room with your little one, anytime he/she has a session.