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Test your aim, and hit the bullseye with our exciting activity, SHOOT!

Do you want to challenge your friends and prove your skills as a top marksman?

Do you want to fire powerful guns that shoot with precision?

Do you want to improve your accuracy, acquire new skills whilst having fun and even learn to hit moving targets?

Then this is for you!

We have a wide range of fantastic guns for you to try. We have a variety of Co2 powered pistols and rifles. All are exact replicas of the real thing, but they fire small, safe pellets.
Our pistol lanes are action packed and full of fun with electronic scoring, instant light up LED targets and moving rounds to hit… All this as well as a more serious, precision firing bay.
Our excellent instructors will walk you through every step of your exciting challenge and will be on hand to answer questions, demonstrate the correct technique and offer exciting upgrade packages.
With upgrades to specialist guns such as the P30, historically preferred by James Bond and the huge 44 Magnum, often claimed to be ‘the most powerful handgun in the world’ which rose to fame with the Movie Dirty Harry, you really can feel like you’re starring in your own movie!
The great thing about the sport of target shooting is that you can choose your own level of challenge and compete against others in your group. It’s also a fantastic challenge as a solo activity – aiming to improve your last score and striving to increase accuracy from a greater distance. Ideal for all ages from 10 years +.

If you want to be a regular, we have a members club where you receive free sessions.

For more information on our Shoot/Archery Club Membership please email: [email protected]