Bringing STEM to life!

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths – or STEM – is at our core here at Twinwoods Adventure and we bring it to life in the most exciting ways possible!

Using our incredible facilities, we immerse you and your students in real-life experiments, making learning not only fun but engaging and rewarding, too.

Our Grade 2 listed wind tunnel is at the heart of the former RAE Bedford site and is steeped in aircraft engineering history. Not only can we talk about its construction, but your students (and you!) can actually fly their bodies in the 120mph winds as they learn about forces and wind resistance.

How about bringing buoyancy to life on our indoor surfing wave, or even gravity as your students jump into freefall from 125ft in the air?

Tied to the national curriculum, we can deliver lesson plans targeted at the needs of your students at all years and ability levels.

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